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who still shoots aluminums for hunting?

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I was shooting ACCS and they are great arrows.But the price is a little above my single dad budget right now.So for hunting this year i will be going back to my faithfull XX75 2213 AVANTAGE TIMBERS.This gives me a total arrow weight of 413grains "feathers" These arrows are just as accurate as my 3-49 accs ,for about half the money .Yes you can bend them but i can afford to set aside a dozen just for hunting.I will be shooting a big 2 blade magnus 100 grain head.Who else still prefers alums for hunting?
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I shoot XX75 2413's for hunting. With 100 grain heads and 4" vanes I am getting about 255 fps. That doesn't sound like a lot but I'll I do is treestand hunt in the Southeast so I don't need all that much speed. If I were hunting in the west, yes I would be shooting carbon arrows for more speed.
Aluminums here carbons get costly after you hit lava rock. Pretty much a one shot per arrow deal.
I'm a creature of habit. I still like the ease of tuning aluminum and getting good clearance on a two prong rest due to the larger diameter.
i too am still a fan of aluminum arrows
and have yet to have any problems
and they last longer
tell me can you get 5yrs of use out of cabons ?
i use xx75 1916 lite eastn aluminums they are plenty tough and as accurate as carbon and they are $48.99 a dozen fully finished and they fit in my ultra low budget since my parents dont allow that kind of experimenting i suppose i will b using aluminums for at least one more yr until get a new bow:D
Yes sir,
custom cut 30 3/4" to front of the riser. Easton xx75, 2216 lite, break up mossy oak. 5" fletch with 100g g5 montec.
KICK *** $43.00
I'm switching back to 2312's this year after almost 10 years with carbons.

I may be hopeless when it comes to tuning, but the best I can shoot any carbon arrow is about 285 on a vegas round. With aluminums I've shot 297 and mid 290 often with my hunting set up.

I shoot my Easton 2312 Eclipse's at 60 yards the other day with my hunting rig and was within 4" or so of the same impact point I had with my carbons.

I think the total weight difference is about 5 or 10 grains. If I can get them to tune the same, I can go down to about 27" length for an even ligher arrow than with my carbons (PSE CFE 300's were the latest I was shooting).

I may end up spending more money on the aluminums with all the dinged and dented arrows, but the confidence factor of knowing I can drill the center out to 60 yars is more than worth it.

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1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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