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Who's ready to start 3-Ding?!!

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Well Christmas is over and it's time for Dad's toys to come out!! :p Have been to a couple of indoor 5-spot shoots to get re-aquinted with my backtension release after hunting season, but 3-D is my first love. Got back into shooting last year and now I'm chompin at the bit to start this year. :D I've already registered for all the A.S.A. shoots, hope to improve on last year. Had a "GREAT" time last year. I was fortunate to always have a wonderful group of people to shoot with, and was really impressed with the skills that the top shooters now have. :eek: Some of you guys are machines!! Hopefully this year I won't have a repeat of the "torn pants that had my right butt cheek hanging out" incident!! :eek: :D Good luck to everyone and can"t wait to get to Florida!! ;)
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1 - 1 of 27 Posts
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