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Who's ready to start 3-Ding?!!

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Well Christmas is over and it's time for Dad's toys to come out!! :p Have been to a couple of indoor 5-spot shoots to get re-aquinted with my backtension release after hunting season, but 3-D is my first love. Got back into shooting last year and now I'm chompin at the bit to start this year. :D I've already registered for all the A.S.A. shoots, hope to improve on last year. Had a "GREAT" time last year. I was fortunate to always have a wonderful group of people to shoot with, and was really impressed with the skills that the top shooters now have. :eek: Some of you guys are machines!! Hopefully this year I won't have a repeat of the "torn pants that had my right butt cheek hanging out" incident!! :eek: :D Good luck to everyone and can"t wait to get to Florida!! ;)
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Hey Jr. heard that Jackson might start this weekend?!! You need to get on the boat with me and Doug and shoot some A.S.A. shoots!! Much better than the IBO shoots.
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