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Lets take a few mins and talk about the TightSpot Quiver.

Why do you use a TightSpot Quiver?

Here are a few reasons we prefer them over other quivers?

1st They have some of the best products and customer service on the market. Check out this recent post from a customer.

Today, 11:44 AM
Thank you Tight spot
I just wanted to through out a good word for Tight Spot quivers. I bought one back in 2012 with my Elite answer, since the answer has moved on, but I still have the quiver. So when I first got the quiver I loved it(and still do). I decided it needed to be lower, so I loosened the four bolts that mount the quiver to the carbon rods, moved the quiver where I wanted it, and tightened the bolts back up. I just recently noticed that one of the carbon rods was cracked, very badly. I contacted Tight spot and told them about my problem and they (very nicely) informed me that I probably over tightened the four bolts. I hate to admit it, but I have to agree because the quiver wasn't broke when I bought it. Any way the had me send it to them(I put it in the mail on thursday last week) and told me they would either fix it or replace it upon their determination. Well yesterday(monday) I received a brand new quiver at my doorstep. First of all They were great to deal with, had fast shipping, and held up to their Iron clad guarantee. I've always liked the quiver for its functionality, but when a company also offers such great customer service it's just the icing on the cake! I think they have a long term customer in me, Thank you Tight spot, what a great experience!

2nd “Simple is always better. TightSpot quivers give you every adjustment you could ask for. Adjustments so your quiver fits and balances to your bow, and so your arrows and broadheads are always secure.” WILL PRIMOS
Founder, Primos Hunting

Check out the TightSpot quiver here.

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Wait, so Will was shooting an Elite Answer??

Agree love my tight spot.
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