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Moved to SC from NC about 3 months ago and, by default, have given up 2 incredible places to hunt in my native state. I've found a place here in SC, but it is not close at all.

Well, went Saturday morning and, for the first time, actually saw deer -- 4 doe and a decent buck. I sat in the stand as they came trotting into this little field that sits in the middle of some thick woods. It was too early to shoot, so I played it cool and watched their shadows in the moonlight. As the sun began to creep up, I readied myself for a nice clean shot.

Then, it happened. As if these deer had read a manual that said -- "as the sun rises in the sky, make sure you place yourself behind pine trees to prevent any shot from the southwest coming your way." They would not budge. I did what I could to make just a little noise to get them to turn, and they did. Instead of giving me a broadside, they have me their backside; so, I stood there and watched all of them just disappear into the woods leaving me "deer-less in South Carolina."

Why did God make pine trees? To keep me from getting that first SC buck!!
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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