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Here is a paragraph from the "CAMX Owners Manual" page 47
The CAMX Flat Nock is press fitted and can be easily removed should you choose to use a lighted
nock. Simply unscrew your field point and screw it into the back of the flat nock. With the aid of
a vise or pair of pliers, pull the flat nock from the arrow shaft. Be careful not to damage the arrow
shaft when removing the nock or when installing after market lighted nocks.

My thoughts here: the CAMX flat nocks are tapped and threaded for removal as stated above, while
1/2 moon nocks are not. Using my Barnett Ghost 410 crossbow as a reference that uses 1/2 moon
nocks, the bow string comes up to the center when the crossbow is fired. Before shooting the string
sits low, resting on the rail.

When your CAMX has an arrow loaded, where on the arrow nock does the string sit? I would think
using the flat nock it should sit at the center. The aluminum nocks are lighter. Doing an internet
search on EBay, I found aluminum nocks shipped from China to weigh 2.5 grain. My half moon weigh
10.4 grain and the new Barnett Custom Head Hunter arrows (no Easton label), the nocks have flat sides
and weigh 12 grain.

The part I would find confusing is: they mention using after market lighted nocks. Being they request
one to use the aluminum flat nocks, I would think one would use the flat nock design when using the
lighted nock.

Again referring to my Barnett Ghost 410 that uses the 1/2 moon nock, I use the 1/2 moon lighted nock.
Both style 1/2 moon nocks (lighted and non lighted) are pressed in. My Clean Shot lighted nocks came
three to a package with 3 different size bushings per nock. It is just a matter of choosing the proper size
bushing for the arrow shaft. These nocks have a collar that can be rotated to shoot the arrow in a practice
mode with out activating the light. These lighted nocks with a bushing weigh 34.2 grain.
All the best.
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