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Why would my bow shoot to the right suddenly?

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I have shot my Martin Prowler (rt. hand) every evening for the last several weeks. It has been spot on until today . It now shoots about 1 1/2" to the right of point of aim. I checked the trophy taker rest and my sights and it all feels solid as usual. The bow wasn't dropped or anything like that. Can anybody give an idea of what may cause this sudden shift of impact? Thanks for your thoughts in advance.
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Hi Hoosier,

What distance were you shooting at? Outdoors? Weather conditions? Lighting conditions?

1-1/2" at 20 yards is a lot. 1-1/2 inches at 80 yards is not a lot, especially if you were shooting in lighting conditions you don;t normally shoot in or if there's any wind.

If it's really short distance, and it groups 1-1/2 right consistently over many ends and not just one or two, I would suggest:

1) Checking your arrow rest for alignment or if it's been knocked or bent slightly. It may be tight, but may have been knocked out of alignment without you knowing.

2) Check your sight settings or if it''s loose in any way. Check the entire sight. Sometimes they come loose just a little or one of the screws worn out and don;t make any vibration noises or anything.

3) Check your nocking point for any weasr or tear of if it's moved or pinching the arrow. Depending on what kind of nocking point you're using, it could sometime affect the sideways direction of the arrow if it's out of whack.

4) Check your centreshot.

4) If everything's tight and where it should be, check your grip. Are you torqueing your bow in any way?

5) Check your form. How is your body and shoulder alignment?

I always start out shooting either left or right at the beginning of the day. I have'nt warmed up yet, but after 12 or 18 arrows, my shots come back on centre without me having to change anything.

I'm no technical expert, but that's what I can think of at the top of my head.

Hope it helps.:wink:
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