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After seeing Gary Yamaguchi's picture of Nathan with his BORN TO WIN WIAWIS riser, I had to have one! July birthday, and all, I'm ultra RED, WHITE and BLUE! (Love singing the Start Spangled Banner at tournaments to open up the shoot).
I just got my "Born To Win" WIAWIS Riser, and have shot it a little bit, maybe 200 shots or so.
In my opinion, it shoots pretty much like the INNO.
Only thing I wish is that W&W would make a comfortable grip, and not only W&W but ALL bow manufacturers.
We usually take the grips and angle them and make them custom for each archer.
What I'd really like to see is EVERY BOW MANUFACTURER put a plastic grip AND a wooden grip in the box. Why? you might ask!
Some people like plastic and some like wood. I personally like wood. This grip actually looks like wood but is plastic with "woodgrain" :roll eyes: imbedded, or textured on, kind of weird, if you ask me, but hey, they can do what they want to sell their bows. Please give me a wood grip with the bow as well.
For the price we pay for these risers now a days, two different grips in two different materials would be a big bonus.
Anyway, the Born To Win, shoots very well. Feels no different than the INNO, as far as recoil goes. The PHYSICAL WEIGHT feels a bit heavier.
I will be shooting this for my barebow at USAA Indoor Nationals, if I do get to shoot. I am a TD for the Hamilton Venue and I have a feeling with the eScoring, I may not be able to shoot, with too much to do for the tournament!
The paint job on the WIAWIS B.T.W. riser is really cool! Pearly white in the middle (by the grip area) and blue field with stars on top (by the limb pocket) and red and white stripes (by limb pocket) below. Very cool!
All in all, I am looking forward to getting to know MERI (short for AMERICA!) Long may our Start Spangled Banner wave over the land of the free and home of the brave!
Over and out,
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