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Wife’s new toy

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She has just begun, I purchased this and set it up for her this last weekend. She is loving it and is already shooting great. Those looking at the image it is a nice bow I don’t regret the purchase one bit.


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Right now she is at 33 lbs and a 26” Draw length
Tried to make her some light arrows but need to make some a tad lighter for her. The current arrows came in at 300 gpi
More adjustability as she progresses plus I had the sight already for her without the side bracket and if I want to shoot it it’s a module change and I can play too.
This is day 4 for her shooting, granted it’s only 10 yards but her form is looking good
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Why the Image over the Prima??

I have a Prima coming for my wife, Donna.
That’s a nice Bow as well I wanted all the new bridgelock for her, and I can play with it too.
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