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I have hunted acorns in water.

Yeah you cant see the sign if they have been there but i see that you didnt forget about that tree, I bet they didnt either. If its bearing fruit they will come to it.

One piece of advice that I will say, and im sure people will disagree, but from my experience when hunting in water if you make a good hit, get down within 5 minutes and it will be the easiest tracking job you have ever had. If you wait for the splashed up water to dry off of the underbrush you wont have any blood to track.

Make a good shot, a quick trackjob using the splashed water, and come back and tell us the story and show us the success pictures!

I shot a deer in a swamp once and decided to wait untill morning because of all the water. I didnt find him until after the buzzards. The best tracker i know gave me that advice and i have found 3 since without using blood.

Good Luck
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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