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It took awhile but the winchester rep came by today and i finally got my hands on the bows and was able to shoot them!
fit and finish was nice, they are reasonably light weight, they were all very smooth and very quiet, i liked the feel of all of them, one of them felt like about 95% let off, that bow was just short of being unable to let it down,, i walked around the shop holdng it at full draw with one finger for a minute or so,,,i believe i would have to adjust the draw stop in a bit, take some of that valley out,, all the bows were set at 60# except the youth bow, it was at 50... fortunately for me it felt like all the draw lengths were set at 28" which was perfect for me and the one customer who was lucky enough to be there when the rep came in... the quicksilver 31 draw felt very much like the pse vendetta xs.very smooth steady feel through the draw, no real heavy hump at the end, there was some but it was not bad... overall i was pleased with the bows.. i think they have a good lineup with a decent price range, with the thunderbolt/destiny youth bows from $299.99 to the quicksilver bows, at $799.99, the tracker and vaquero, sitting in the middle range of $499 and $649...... they also have optional grips that come with the bows!...
I decided to take the leap, and made an order of 3 for asap delivery and programed 7 for later dates... cant wait for the first ones to come through the door for a little more play time!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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