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Winchester review

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As a retailer I was very impressed with the price point and quality so I made th part of our line. However the proof is in the pudding. I had set set a Blind Side for demo purposes basically just mounting sight rest and stab. So last night it was slow at the store and so I decided to shoot it and see what it would do. This is what I can say in all honesty. I was floored on how well it shot and aimed. Keep I'm mind I did no tuning or anything to the bow and I only dropped 6 tens on a Vegas round. I would put this bow up against any hunting bow for accuracy, quitness, and sheer joy to shoot. I had 4 people witness takeing the bow of the rack shoot six arrows to sight in and pound the center with it. I have taken other hunting bows that have been customers and these have been tunned and made to shoot as well as possible that have been relatively close to my draw and none aimed or shot quarter size groups shot like this bow.