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Wishlist on the website?

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Still somewhat new to archery, but have spent a couple of hours browsing the Lancaster site. I've created an account, and placed an order, but unless I'm mistaken, this is the first eCommerce website of this scale I've seen in a while w/o a Wishlist feature(?).

Other than placing items that I may not want to purchase immediately in my cart, or bookmarking pages in my browser, is there any way to save favorite items?
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There's a stack of catalogs at the club, but I'm more of a digital guy...
They use to have one…no more after the website was overhauled.
This is the overhauled version of the website?!?? Ok, there's some things that are nice - I like the ability to navigate by category, then filter (i.e., go to 'Target Arrows', then narrow results by spine). But where are the hi-res images? I'd like to be able to zoom in and look at the details of the product.
Not sure what you mean by “hi-res images?”.
Most websites will use a relatively low-res image as a 'thumbnail' to show a product in a listing (i.e., in search results). This low-res image is usually the first one you see, and allows the results of a search or an individual page to load much faster. Then, you can usually click the image to get a high-res version of that particular image, and at that point you can usually zoom in on to see more detail. Lancaster's site doesn't do this - you can't click on most images when looking at a product to examine it more closely. Though you can sometimes use the browser's controls and/or accessibility options to make an image larger, that larger image will get blurry, as you're not adding detail to the image, you're just stretching it out. Go to a site like Cabelas/BPS and you'll see what I mean. Also notice that they'll have multiple pics of the same product from multiple angles, while Lancaster usually only has 1 or 2 images.

Lancaster - 2019 Bear Limitless Compound Bow Package
Cabelas -
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