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Still have a long winter ahead here in Mo. and surrounding states. But it's around the corner!
My new farm this past fall has plenty of birds.
Already know where the blinds will be set!
Who out there bowhunts thunder chickens?
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I plan to kill one with my bow this year. I need to brainstorm a bit, because I will be without a blind and very mobile… they are just so paranoid and see everything!

thought about a blind, but I’m covering a lot of ground and like keeping it simple. Besides a couple half days on either end of a trip, I will be walking at least 15 miles in a full day and often do 6-8 setups during a day, and those quick reposition scenarios aren’t happening with a blind… maybe a 2 panel or something would work. Those birds cover a ton of ground and everything is a long walk to get into the zones.

I think just building makeshift blinds as I go might be best, maybe some camo mesh…
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