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Algonquin Archers, Inc

Quanopaug Trail, Woodbury, CT

Clubhouse Phone # (203) 263-6771

Saturday Sept 3

In our Bowhunter Performance shoot a different scoring system is used. We place three stakes for each target with a variance in difficulty for each. The farthest stake is worth ten points, the next stake is worth eight points and the closest is worth six points, for any arrow inside what is normally considered the eight point vital ring(the largest). Any arrow outside the vital ring is a negative value of the stake from which it was shot. A clean miss is zero, just what you would get if hunting. Wounding is a penalty and shooters who normally take five 3D points for hitting a rump, leg or neck, will find themselves with a negative score. We encourage the shooters to move up to within their ability to shoot inside the vital ring. All targets are broadside and the vital is clearly visible at each stake. We award a certificate to all shooters stating the level of their proficiency and a special seal is applied for a score with no wounds.
Registration begins at 7AM and stops at 1PM. We make some changes in the stakes and targets between Saturday and Sunday.

Little over 2 weeks before the season opens in CT (sept 15). This is a GREAT chance to see where you stand before going out into the woods for real.
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