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Since the World Championships in Ulsan 2009, where Oh Jin Hyek set two new world records for recurve, at 90m and FITA, I have been trying to figure out what bows were used along the years to set world records.

Until now, I have figured out the following:

1. Recurve Men: FITA - 1386 points and 90m - 342 points, Oh Jin Hyek (KOR), 2009, Ulsan
- riser: Hoyt GMX
- limbs: MK Vera
2. Recurve Men: 2 x 70m - 687 points, Im Dong Hyun (KOR), 2004, Athens
- riser: Hoyt Matrix
- limbs: Samick Masters
3. Recurve Women: 50m - 350, 70m - 351, 2 x 70m - 682, FITA - 1405, Park Sung Hyun (KOR)
- riser: Samick Agula Ultra
- limbs: Samick Masters
4. Recurve Women: 60m, Yun OK Hee (KOR), Shanghai 2009
- riser: Samick Masters
- limbs: Samick Extreme
5. Recurve Women: 18m - 592, Schuh Berengere (FRA), Rzeszow 2009
- riser: Hoyt Helix
- limbs: Hoyt 990 TX

Older records:
1. Recurve Men: FITA - 1341 points, Darell Pace (USA), 1979
- bow: Hoyt TD2b
- arrows: XX75 2115

Please complete the list with other info you have.

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I wonder what his limb poundage is. I read from somewhere Brady Ellison has 44# limbs, but he has not made a world record score yet (correct me if I'm wrong). Actually I'm very curious what limb poundage do top male Korean archers use when they break world record.

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Oh Jin Hyek at Ogden WC 2010

Kim Woo Jin at Ogden WC 2010

I'd like to know that too, and also the arrow size and point weight...but it's very hard to get information like that. Analizing photos and videos from various competitions, we can find clues like:
- most of the Koreans are using tungsten points, which have a minimum weight of 100 grains. Tungsten points are short and heavy (100 - 120 grais), so they are making arrows with high FOC, but at the same time not making the arrow weaker. I use by bow at about 43 lbs, Easton X10 500 shafts with 100 grains Easton regular points; when I tried tungsten points of 110 at the same poundage it actually made the arrows stiffer because of their shortness; So, their bows could be about 1-1,5 pounds heavier than what is written in the Easton Shaft Selector at a certain shaft size. I'm sure Im Dong Hyun shoots Easton X10, in the Easton Shaft Selector, this size of arrows is for bows of more than 46 lbs...he is using tungsten, we can estimate a poundage of minimum 47 lbs on his bow.
- if you look at their sight position when shooting 70m or 90m we can draw some conclusions, because most of the archers are using Shibuya sights. We can estimate the distance from the carbon arm to the actual position of the sight and compare it with what we have.

The two photos above are from Ogden WC 2010, the Gold Medal Match between the former WR holder Oh Jun Hyek and the actual WR holder Kim Woo Jin. You can see right away that Kim is using a weaker bow than Oh. Kim's sight is at about 6 cm on the scale...mine is at 7,2 cm when shooting 70m, so he shoots al least 1 pound more than my 43 bow. I would estimate he is shooting 44-44,5 lbs with Easton X10 500 shafts and 100 grains tungsten points.
Meanwhile, Oh's sight at 70m is in about the same position as mine when i shoot 50m, maybe eve a little bit higher. So he's sight is aprox. 2,5-3 cm higher than mine, and also shooting with tungsten points, but with Easton X10 450 shafts. Considering all this, his bow can be estimated to 47-48 lbs.

I also took into account:
- their height, compared to mine
- the position of the sight grids, which seem to be at their lowest point
- shape of the faces and chin, distance from eyes to chin etc. (my face is round, so it's similar to theirs)

I hope we can develop on this...
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