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WTB: a 27" riser RH

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Hello, and Help-

I'm a 6"4" tall archer shooting with the club at Penn State. I'd like to get a 27" riser to build a setup around.

Brand new these are rare and expensive. If anyone has a riser, or a setup, they would interested in selling I'd be grateful.

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They are all new enough for there to be very little in the used market. With the financial melt down the dollar is much stronger against the Euro. The Bernardini Luxor has gone from a high of around $850 to $652 over the weekend. I suspect the Inno has gone down too. The new Hoyt GMX is listed by something over $600 on Alternative. Lancaster hasn't even got it listed yet but it probably won't be much more than that Stateside, when it's finally available.

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