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Ground Blind

Here, take mine.

I bought it new last fall and went out in it twice. It just isn't my style of hunting and I won't likely use it again.

By the way UV reflectivity is a problem with some of the cheaper blinds. I verified with a black light that this one does not reflect UV.

Deer can see UV and some cheaper blinds show up like a big purple marshmellow in low light at dawn and dusk. This one doesn't.

  • All 4 sides have big drop windows to get in and out on as show in the first picture.
  • On 3 sides it also has the smaller windows as shown in the second picture.
  • The small windows also have a velcro attached shoot through mesh you can leave down or attach up as in the third picture.
  • All zippers are two-sided for access inside or outside.
  • The spring-steel loops in the four panels let the blind instantly pop up to use and twist down to fit back-pack.
I am 6'1' and 250 pounds and you can see from the pictures the blind is large enough for me to draw and shoot a bow out of.

$50 to your door paid by PayPal with free shipping.

PM or email me if you want it.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
Not open for further replies.