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I bought a LH PSE X-Force 'Super Short' for this
years hunting season, but as my schedule had
it, I didn't make it out. Bought new.
30-40 arrows shot to site in, is all.

- 27" axel-to-axel
- 7 1/4" brace height
- 26"-30" draw length
- 60-70lbs draw
- 330fps IBO
- Dual HF cams
- PSE 'B.E.S.T.' grip

Included are; quiver(on the bow), vibration dampening
stabilizer, custom machined string stop and extra draw length
modules. The arrow rest may be negotiated.
I apologize for not posting any pictures at this time
as I'm at the wrong computer however, I can easily send a
couple if you are interested.
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