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Complete story and pics:

Here is the text from the above link:

Many of you know that my brother-in-law(Bridgett's husband), Ron, was
attacked by a grizzly bear last weekend in Wyoming, while bow hunting
elk with his dad.

Ron amazingly came through with non life threatening injuries.

Ron, who is an experienced hunter and used to be a guide, was calling an
elk for his dad, who was down hill 40 yards. The elk suddenly spooked
and then Ron heard a noise behind him. He turned around and a grizzly
was 15 feet behind him. He tried to shoo it away but it proceeded
toward him. He went behind a tree and the bear kept coming, so he took
off on his 'death run' down hill towards his dad. With the grizzly just
feet behind his son, and running full speed, Ron's dad shot one arrow.
Ron saw the arrow fly by his leg, unsure of whether it hit the bear, and
within a few more steps, Ron was on his back with the grizzly on top of
him. With is arms shielding his head, Ron kicked and punched the bear
with all he had. Ron said it all went too fast and he was so full of
adrenaline, he could not feel any pain at the time of the attack. When
the bear continued to attack, Ron's dad, could see that the bear was
bleeding badly from the arrow, and he went over and started beating on
the bear with his bow(You can not carry guns during bow hunting, so he
had nothing to shoot it). The bear continued to attack Ron, biting
clear through his left hand and glove, and down to the bone of his right
arm just below the elbow. Then the bear, stopped, looking at Ron's dad,
walked away several yards, and rolled over dead.

The bear was autopsied and showed that it was well over 500 lbs(the
grizzlies in that area average 350lbs) and 11 years old(which is in it's
prime). Following the path of the arrow, the autopsy showed that the
arrow went in, hit a main artery, then bent, and hit the heart!

A one in a thousand shot they said.

Another important fact to mention and that gave me chills is that Ron's
dad had had surgery on his arm, because he had injured his arm and was
not even able to pull the bow last season. This was to be his big hunt,
and before the day of the attack, he had already missed two elk that
were standing still. The morning of the attack, Ron's dad (also named
Ron), prayed 'God please guide my arrow today'.

Little did Ron Sr. and Ron know how God would guide his arrow that day!

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I read about this about 2 weeks ago on another forum - heard it happend outside Cody, Wyoming though. Regardless - that is one heck of an encounter. NOT something I'd ever care to experience.

Glad all ended up OK without serious injury.

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glad you are ok and wow a lucky shot is right!! under that kind of presure im sure hitting the kill zone would be tough for anyone!! How cool is gonna be to show off that bear now though i can just hear it now....

you: "so did i ever tell you about that time i was attacked by a bear?"

friend:"haha ya right you would be dead im sure"

you:" no im serious i laid the smack down"

friend: " wow, so what happened"

you: "he's right here" as you point to your full body mount...

edit:sorry i thought it was your father in law... those guys are deffinetly lucky for sure!!

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Amazing story. Ridiculous that you can't carry a gun for defense during archery season. Bears can be a danger when you're calling elk.
that was change in jan. you can now carry a weapon. :wink:

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I wonder if he got to keep it????

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That is one truly blessed hunter.

Thats an amazing tale.
I don't know the guys personally, but they are "friends of friends", etc.

Awesome story and some cool pics. There are about 30+ pics.

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In Washington state it's illegal to bowhunt while carrying a firearm. I think the rule is stupid especially given all the problems with meth users/cooks in the woods and other 2 legged scoundrels.
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