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I finally hung up my XI Impact Plus for old memories tonight. After many kills, it was time for an upgrade. I have always been a finger shooter and wanted to go with a release this time as well. I had it narrowed down to 2 bows. Hoyt Razortec and Bowtech Patriot. Both shot extremely well and felt equally as good to me. Tough decision.

I went with the Razortec tonight. My dealer had one in stock. I went by tonight and he set it up for me. Major expense since I got new QuickTune 3000 rest, Trophy Ridge sight, Hoyt Stabilizer, Hoyt 6 arrow quiver, Muzzie 100 grain broadheads and practice blades (set of 6), TRU Ball wrist release, 6 Beaman arrows with 100 grain field points, 3 Hoyt t-shirts, 2 Hoyt Hats (camo and blue), decals, etc.

Took several shots at the range and knew I had made the right decision..... (even though it cost me a thousand bucks :rolleyes: )

Thanks for all the good info here and if you are in southern central Virginia or north central North Carolina - I highly recommend J.R. 's Archery. He spent about 3 hours with me tonight helping me with my selection of accys and getting the bow set up!
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