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Yardage estimation question

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Anyone have a rock solid yardage estimation process without using a rangefinder or other devices, including performing mathematical computations that require paper. I have difficulty from 30-45 yd range and need help. Not much info on the web on this.

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MacOfNiagara said:
Take up golf. Although this would be a very expensive, long term, time consuming and frustrating solution. If your simply looking to do a better job of guessing a given distance it would probably help though.

Loft on clubs are such that there is roughly 10 yards difference on each club. So, for me, 9 iron = 120y, 8 iron = 130y, 7 = 140y, etc.

If you play enough golf you eventually get fairly good at eyeballing distance. I sued to us a scope range finder for golf and now feel I do not need it as my guessing seem to be locked in.

Although I am used to gauging distance looking at a defined height flag, not a smaller round target, so I have yet to see how well this guessing will translate to archery (I am new to archery).

Although given the lethalness of archery and the frustration level of golf, perhaps it is not such a good idea to mix the two.:wink:

Other than that I do not know any good eyeballing methods

Shhhhh...stop letting out secrets. This is one way I got real good at yardage. I am murder on a course with my yardage and yes it does transfer over. But really the only way to get good at judging is to practice and to practice in more than one enviorment. Don't just go in the woods all the time or judge on flat ground. I practice walking down the street alot, also when shooting at the range on the way to the target. If you are shooting the 50 yd butt, stop after you have gone a ways to the target and judge it...then pace it off. Or judge across lanes and pace it off. Judge to the mail box when you take the trash out, walking through the parking lot. You will be amazed at how 40 yds looks in all these different places. But when you step up to a deer at 40 yds you will know it. I actually usually get within 1-2 yards just looking at the target, tree, stump, rock, pole, or whatever. It really doesn't take that much effort to get pretty good.
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