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If you have Sportsman Channel check out Yeti's Ultimate Hunt as you see hunts but at the same time hunters helping fight cancer and their personal stories on how cancer has touched them. Next week on April 1st the show will be from here in NJ. I was asked to help out in the fight for cancer. I was happy to do it and having my uncle with stage 4 kidney cancer and another close family friend with stage 4 breast cancer this show meant a lot. I hope you guys and gals tune in to watch and maybe even make a donation in the fight to beat the crap out of cancer. The show airs on Sportsman Channel Monday at 6pm. This week they have a great story with a fellow NY hunter so check it out if you can.

Here is the info on this weeks show:

For more information on how you can help as a hunter fight cancer go to the website:

Thanks to all that tune in and donate.
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