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Hello all,
My name is Kyle Lening and I'm a pro staff member of Honey Creek Outdoors. HCO is a young company, a year old to be exact, and we are seeking partnerships, sponsorships, and even advice from people in the outdoors industry. The goals of HCO are to get more youth involved in the outdoors, and to be mentors to the younger generation of outdoorsmen. Without youth and new people coming into the outdoors, our passion will fade away. I invite you to check out the HCO website at

Another thing HCO is doing is creating a DVD series of youth hunts to share with others. The founder of HCO, Brandon Vileta, has done a wonderful job with the DVD so far. Anyways, if your interested in HCO, please feel free to PM. I'd love to hear from you!

Here is a sneek peak of the DVD that will soon be released!

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